Saving money – 7 tips you can use right now

money saving

We all want to start saving more money but often find it hard to just get started. this post will give you 7 things that will help you to get started saving more money today.

Remember, saving is a commitment. If you want to do it, you have to make it happen and just do it.


Saving tip #1 – Put a “guilt” picture in your wallet

The idea here is put something in your wallet that when you open it to take money out, you will see. This picture should be something that would make you think twice about spending your money. Perhaps it’s a picture of your goal or a negative outcome if you don’t save your money. Regardless, the more striking and emotionally driven the picture is, the better the results will be for you. But there is one thing to remember, you may have to change the picture out every so often. Once we see the same picture over and over, it will lose its power and impact on us.

It’s a lot easier to save money if you don’t spend it in the first place.

Bonus – this works well for losing weight too. Keep a picture of your idea size or how you will feel when you achieve your weight goal in your wallet. You may be less inclined to buy food if you see that.


Saving tip #2 – Use a piggy bank

Sounds childish and silly but keep a jar in your bedroom and each night empty your pockets or purse of the loose change you have. Over time this will build to a large amount that you can put into your savings account. Remember, peso coins become 100 peso bills which become 1000 peso bills.


money saving

Saving tip #3 – Eat our less, take your meals to work

You’ve seen me recommend this tip before but it bears repeating. Eating outside costs money, it’s as simple as that. The less you eat out, the less times you visit Starbucks, the more often you take your meals to work, the more money you will save. Notice i didn’t say do it all the time. But the more often you do, the quicker you will achieve financial independence.


Saving tip #4 – Learn to love walking

Not only is this good for exercise (there are so many other health benefits to walking – lower blood pressure, stronger heart, etc) but you will save money by doing it. No, jeepneys and trics don’t cost that much, but these small bills add up over time. And big killer, taxis, really eat into the budget. find places where you can walk and cut down on your travel expenses.


Saving tip #5 – Carry only larger bills

Larger bills like 500s and 1,000s are a little harder spend. It also makes you think more when you reach into pay for something with it. I don’t know about you, but I hate when I have to pay for something that is just 120 pesos with a 1000 peso bill. Then you hear the cashier say, “Do you have smaller bills sir?” This can often be a simple deterrent to spending money. Even if it helps you just once a week, its helped you to save money.


Saving tip #6- Live below your means, for now

Do what you MUST do today, so that you can do what you WANT to do tomorrow. This doesn’t meant forgoing all fun and splurges for yourself. But it does mean greatly cutting back on them. If we can get into the mindset of of controlling our wants now, depriving ourselves of our ever desire, then we can live the life we want to live later. Its all about delayed gratification. Its very hard for us humans to do, but it’s the real secret to just about anything in life from saving money to weight loss.


Saving tip #7 – Stay away from your “vices”

Cigarettes, alcohol, Starbucks, chocolate…. hehe. The last one is for me, many of you might not suffer from chocolate addiction like I do hahaha. Not only are vices bad for your health, but they are also generally, very expensive. Money spent on cigarettes is literally burned up. Don’t waste your hard earned money on these useless vices. And yes for you fellow chocoholics, that includes our beloved chocolate also.


Hopefully thee 7 tips have give you some ideas on how you can begin saving more money today. Remember the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You don’t have to save 1 million pesos today, just start with some.

Good luck and happy saving!

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