Saving money… 12 more tips for everyone

saving money

In case you haven’t noticed it, one of the main themes of this blog is saving. So here is another post with 12 more tips to help you save money. Many of these, you can start using immediately to help you achieve your own financial independence.

saving money

Saving Tip #1 – Consolidate your bills

The ultimate goal is to pay off your long term debt and use that money for savings instead of debt. Focus your payments on one bill, get it paid off, then take that money to focus on the next. By doing this, you will be able to get out of debt quicker.

Saving Tip #2 – Pay those payments that allow discounts for early pay

Some payments allow for early pay and give you a discount to do it. Take advantage of that, that is free money for you. Other bills increase after being late, be sure to pay those on time so that you don’t give up money for nothing.

Saving Tip #3 – Make your own gourmet coffee at home

Most coffee shops sell their own coffee ground that you can make at home (or work). It’s a lot cheaper to buy coffee this way and you can still enjoy the gourmet coffee you crave but a lot chepaer prices.

Saving Tip #4 – Make a shopping list before going grocery shopping

This will keep you focused on what you actually need. Did you know grocery stores are designed to make you unfocused and and try and get you to buy things they want you to buy rather than what you want? Its true, stores use our own psychology against us in this way. Focus on what you need and keep your shopping bills low.

Saving Tip #5 – Avoid sari sari stores – try to buy in bulk

Sari Sari stores are there to help us when we need something fast. So we pay more money for small amounts of those items. Plan ahead and buy larger amounts of those items at the grocery store and save lots of money.

Saving Tip #6 – Limit the time you spend with your spend easy friends

You know the ones. They want to go to expensive restaurants, always go to Starbucks. They buy name brand always but then always seem to be broke. spending time with you has two negative effects. One, is you spend money when you’re with them, and the second is that it begins to infect your own thinking. This type of attitude should be counter to your own savings goals.

Saving Tip #7 – Know when to buy name brand and when to buy generic

There are times when buying a name brand just makes sense. The quality is there and you will be able to use the item for a long time. However, usually this isn’t the case. Usually buying brand names is just about buying an image and the quality doesn’t always come with it. Learn those things in your own life that you can buy generics and do it. Medications are one example. Generic medications are 100% exactly the same as the brand name and at a fraction of the cost. Most people don’t know this and spend way too much on their medications.

Saving Tip #8 – Use grocery bags as trash bags

Save those plastic bags you get from the tricky grocery stores and use them as trash bags. Free and easy to do.

Saving Tip #9 – Control your electricity use

This one is sometimes hard in our very hot climate. But seeing has how the Philippines has some of the most expensive electricity in Asia, it makes sense to try and conserve so that you help save more money.

Saving Tip #10 – Buy used gadgets

Last year’s iPhone will do everything you need it to do, well, as long as you’re not trying impress your friends. Buying used gadgets just makes sense so that you can save so much money.

Saving Tip #11 – Avoid ATM fees

Plan your withdrawals ahead of time so you can make the least amount possible to save on those expensive ATM fees.

Saving Tip #12 – Get an online part time job

Ok, not a true money saving tip. But you can increase your income so the outcome is the same. Teaching online companies will usually allow you to work for a few hours each week and make extra money. That money can help you pay down debt quicker and save more.


There you have it, 12 more ways you can save even more money! Leave your own suggestions in the comments, I’d love to read them.

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