How to recover from a bad day

It seems to sneak up on you and hit you when you are least ready for it. A bad day. They can happen at any time and the earlier it starts the worse it is. Ever have one of those that starts as soon as you wake up? Those are the worst. But just because we have a bad day, doesn’t mean we can’t turn it around or at least, learn from it. That way, the bad served as a learning lesson and isn’t a total waste. So here are some tips on how to recover from a bad day.

a bad day


Tips to help you recover from a bad day

We all have bad days from time to time. Here are 5 tips to help you stop yours and get back to centered and in control place.


1. Stop and take a deep breath. Realize its just one day.

It’s a bad day, but its just one day. Like the old saying says (and no, its not actually Biblical, much to my own surprise), this too shall pass. Once we understand that this is just temporary and that good things are yet to come, it sort of makes the current issue a lot smaller. Just take a moment to yourself and focus on the good things in your life. Do you have children? Family? A dog? Find something that brings you peace and focus on it while you slow your breathing. Once you control your breathing, you can control your mind.

2. Stop the revolving door of negativity

What makes a bad day so dangerous is the seemingly endless cycle of negativity. We start on thought that leads us to another that leads us to yet another. All of this, in turn, makes the original problem seem much worse. Don’t let the problem get worse by focusing just how it is bad or other bad things. Ever notice how when we are out of control, small things that ordinarily wouldn’t bother us seem to be huge issues? That’s because we get caught in these loops or revolving doors of negativity. You have to break the cycle.

3. Do something nice for someone else

The best way to feel better about yourself when you’re having a bad day is to do something for someone else. Find someone you help out and do a nice thing for them. The satisfaction of knowing you did something good and helped change their day will have a huge impact on your own. Trust me. Pay a good act forward. Who knows, maybe one day it will return to you when you need it again.

4. Exercise

Go for a walk, drop down and do push-ups. Anything. Exercise may release dopamine and this helps us to feel better. If you have ever experienced a runner’s high, then you know what this is. When you exercise, you feel better. So if you can take a moment to get some exercise, then do it and start feeling better immediately.

5. Don’t fall into the trap of treating yourself on a bad day

When we feel bad about things in our life, we often try to cheer ourselves up by treating ourselves. This could be something like a dessert or a mini shopping spree. Either way, these are not positive things in our lives. Those who are emotional eaters will tell you that this is a way to get overweight and stay there. Those people learn that the only way to stop the cycle of weight gain is to treat themselves in a way that doesn’t involve food. Think about how that works for a moment. They are in a bad situation of some sort that has caused distress so they resort to eating something they shouldn’t. This will cause more problems later on and continue the cycle. The same came be said for the shoppers. They are upset about something so they spend money they likely don’t have on items to make themselves feel better. This will lead to more problems in the future.


So there’s 5 thing you can do turn a bad day around and refocus on what matters to you. We all have bad days but it doesn’t have to ruin things for us. You have the power to turn it around and make it into a good day. Good luck and God bless.



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