The real secret to success

secret to success

Hey, I have a secret to tell you. Do you want success? Maybe in your personal life, your finances, or weight loss? It doesn’t matter, this secret works for them all. The problem is, most of you reading this won’t actually use this secret. Its not hard to do, you just have to do it. But if you do, its guaranteed to give you the success you want in just about any area of your life. I will admit also, that it took me a very long time to see this and understand it in my own life. But now I can see the awesome power it brings when we actually apply it our lives. so do you want to know the secret of success?

secret to success

The real secret of success

The secret is delayed gratification. It means not giving into your immediate desires and emotions and instead, waiting until the appropriate time. Often that time will never come because we realize later that the decision was the wrong one anyway. For example, we decide to buy a new gadget, lets pretend it’s the new iPhone. Our current phone is so last year and Smart (or Globe) is offering a great deal that allows us to pay the phone for around P2000 per month for 30 months. We do a quick mental calculation, yeah we can make that payment each month. And its only 30 months right? That’s not even 3 years. And well, we really WANT the phone. All of our friends are buying them. We will be left out if we don’t.

This is where the delayed gratification comes in. Stop yourself. P2000 x 30 months = P60,000. Imagine if you had that in a savings account or in an investment account. You would be a long way to your path of financial freedom. And that is just one time you had to delay. Imagine saving your money and being able to go and pay cash for your desires? That is the true definition of success.

So where else can delayed gratification work? How about in a relationship? Some of us seem to be in a rush to just be with someone. The need for a partner is so strong we often settle for someone less that what we deserve. Be patient and look for the right one for you. Don’t make a bad decision just to have someone in your life.

What about our health or weight loss? This is an easy one to apply delayed gratification to. Its also easy to see the success from it when you do. Don’t eat those foods that you know are not good fof you. Delay eating those sweets until its time to reward yourself for something special. Save it for those times

The power of delayed gratification is deceptive. It gives us great results when applied. Its just that most of us (myself included) have a hard time in actually implementing it. This is why success is often very illusive. Its power comes because most of the actions we do, if we delayed them just a bit, we would often not do them at all. Like a lot of items we think we want, a few days later, we find we maybe didn’t want them as much as we thought we did.

So the next time you feel that desire to go against what you know is your plan to your own success (financial, relationship, health, etc.), take a pause and delay it. Try to delay it for a few days and watch what happens. Once you have one success, built on it and get others.

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