Purpose – what is your?

got purpose

We are born, we live, and we die. Most people go through life as if they are zombies. Moving from one day to the next without actually living life. Most people live there entire life without purpose. Purpose is what fulfills us and drives us. Purpose gives our lives meaning and allows us to accomplish. Read More

Achieve your goals with small victories

Sometimes life can feel like a trap. We graduate high school, either get or job or go to college and then get a job. We have children and get married. Our job becomes unfulfilling. We wake up one day and wonder what happened to the dreams we had when we were younger. When we get Read More

4 reasons your friend won’t repay the loan you gave them

It is a part of just about every relationship in our lives. Sometimes its our friends and sometimes its our family. But at some point, we will all be faced with this very hard choice – should we or should we not loan our friend (or family) money? Here in the Philippines, our culture is Read More

What motivates you to achieve your goals?

achieve your goals

I noticed in my gym this week that there are a lot less people than there were in January. I remember the first week after New Years the place was packed. Everyone had created fitness goals and were there to achieve them. They had all bought new outfits to wear (as if a new outfit Read More

Budgets , 4 reasons why you should LOVE them

Budgets often have a bad reputation among us all. We see them as something that makes our life harder and keeps us from having fun in our own lives. But the truth is a budget is simply a tool and it depends on how the tool is used as to what it does. A budget Read More

Stick to your budget by preventing these common mistakes

One of the absolute best tools for taking control of your finances and achieving financial independence is the budget. When most people see this word, it brings up images of depriving yourself or having a boring life. But the fact is a budget is just the opposite. It helps you to achieve the financial goals Read More

Take your first steps to financial independence today

In many things in life, fear takes over and makes it very hard for us to even take a first step. Or sometimes its just inertia that stops us. Inertia is that force that once something is in motion, its difficult to stop it and get it change directions. Ever felt like that? Have you Read More

Are you really living?

Sometimes it feels like we just wake up each day to pay our bills and then go to bed just to wake up and do it all over again. The way out of this cycle is achieve financial independence and break the cycle.

Don’t wait until tomorrow…

Don’t wait until tomorrow to get started on your goals, do something today that your future self will look back and say good job dude (or dudette)!