Here is the cause of our money problems

money problems

I’m sure this thought goes through just about all of our minds, maybe even on a daily basis, “If I only had X pesos now, I wouldn’t have any money problems. All my problems would be solved.” Well may have you may have had the situation where you were able to raise your income substantially Read More

The 5 step plan to wealth and financial freedom


Here in the Philippines, it seems that the gap between the rich and poor seems to get ever larger. It seems harder and harder to build wealth here. But is that really true? What does it mean to be rich? What does it mean to you? We all have different definitions of what wealth means, Read More

Success, your surroundings and focus predict yours

success time focus

You are what you eat. Show me the 5 people you spend the most time with and I will show you your future. Maybe you’ve heard these sayings or others like them. The basic concept is that whatever you spend the most time on, or the most time with, will have the greatest influence on Read More

Saving money – 7 tips you can use right now

money saving

We all want to start saving more money but often find it hard to just get started. this post will give you 7 things that will help you to get started saving more money today. Remember, saving is a commitment. If you want to do it, you have to make it happen and just do Read More

Saving money, 5 apps that make it easy

The easiest way to save money is to set your saving on automatic pilot. Make sure its taken out from your pay before you see it. The next best way is to always have a good idea of how your money is being used. With apps and the power of the internet, this has never Read More

Saving money when you’re broke

Working to achieve your own financial independence sometimes seems like an impossible goal. Saving money, especially when you are broke, seems an even more impossible goal. But to achieve the financial independence we all want, we must find ways of saving money. One reason that those in their 20s and 30s have such a hard Read More

Is your fear of failing keeping you average?

Being average is failing. Our lives can be just about anything we want them to be, but first we have to get over our fear of failing. The fear of failure keeps us all in a life where we don’t reach our potential, don’t excel, don’t reach our goals, or worse yet, don’t even try. Read More

Persistence and overcoming adversity

So you’ve set a goal and you’re working hard every day to achieve. Things seems to be moving along well until…. Sometimes life has other ideas for us. It will show up and knock us off our feet. Push us back several steps. This is where the most important characteristic of success comes in. Persistence Read More