How much money do you waste every day?

don't waste money

This being Good Friday, Ill give you a quick post so you can get back to your family. Earlier this week, while I was at my favorite coffee shop working (no, not Starbucks, I prefer our local company Bo’s Coffee), I noticed something. There was a single peso coin on the sidewalk in front of me. I watched person after person just walk over it, around it or past it. At first, I thought maybe no one saw it but I also noticed that many did see it but chose not to do anything. This stuck with me. So a few days later when I returned, I brought with me a handful of coins to conduct an experiment. I placed a peso coin on the sidewalk and watched. More than 20 people passed before someone picked it up. Even some children who were going from customer to customer at the coffee shop begging didn’t pick it up. So once it was picked up, I put down a 5 peso coin. Surely 5 pesos is enough to catch people’s attention right? Wrong! It wasn’t until I put a 10 peso coin down that more than half of the of people stopped for it. Now you may be thinking, its just one peso, so what? If this is the case, then you may have an insight into why you are broke. One peso becomes 100, 100 becomes 1000 and so on. It’s a matter of respecting money and choosing not to waste it.

don't waste money

Don’t waste money – plan its use

The key part here is that we have a relationship with money. Do we choose to let it flow through our hands like water or do we hold onto it? That doesn’t mean being stingy, but it does mean having a plan for the money that comes into our life. Respect even single pesos. Don’t let taxi driversĀ  keep the 10 pesos when you do use taxis. Its not being stingy to keep your money. When you get change from stores, even if it’s a single peso, keep it. All of this builds up. Don’t pay unnecessary fees (ATM, late fees, etc.).

So the next time you see a peso coin on the ground, reach down and pick it up. Show your commitment to your own future and respect the money that comes into you life.


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