How your happiness affects your financial situation

your happiness

Happiness is one of those things is very different from person to person. Sure, we can all name things that would make us happy, but true happiness, that is different for each of us. For the orphaned child, having loving parents may be the only thing in this world they desire. For someone in an abusive or emotionally damaging relationship, just being out from that negativity may be what they need to be happy. The point is we are all very different. Happiness is very much an individual thing. And the causes of that are also very individual.

But wait, this blog is about financial Independence and saving money. Why are we talking about happiness?

your happiness

But how is our income impacted by our happiness?

When we are in a  bad place in our lives, whether because of money issues, health issues (like being over weight), or other life issues, we often resort to harmful habits to help relieve the pain we are feeling. We do this to achieve temporary happiness. We might feel good for the moment, but long term we don’t. We are treating the symptom rather than the cause. From my personal life, I can say that would resort to eating food that I thought would make me feel better. Chocolate and lots of it would make me forget my problems. Well, for a short while anyway. Over the years, I really gained weight and this, in turn, increased my own unhappiness. Others may decide to treat themselves with expensive toys justifying it to themselves that they “deserve it”. Or as a reason to make themselves feel better. But later, they will have to deal with the fact they they are now deeper in debt and further away from their own goals than they were before.

The key here is to dig deep down within ourselves and find what truly makes us happy. Not the temporary happiness we receive from buying something small, but real happiness. If buying those things is what we believe makes us happy, then that is fine. We just have to be willing to accept the cycle of always being broke and understand it comes with those choices. If however, our happiness comes from something bigger,  we have to find ways of controlling our temporary happiness. Usually this comes in the form of impulse control but sometimes it is something deeper. Only you know what is the cause of your individual issues.


What about you?

What makes you happy? Do you know what it is? What it really is? Take a few minutes and dig down into yourself and see what brings you true happiness. Don’t be afraid to out what yours really is. After you know it, build a plan around achieving that happiness. Take the time to create the plan with action steps and due dates. A plan without a due date is just a dream. Put due dates on your actions and then execute. You have to take action. Action is what brings us closer to our goals.


If you don’t have enough time to read the article, here is the quick action summary.

  1. Find what makes you happy – dig down deep and find the source of your true happiness
  2. Make a plan to achieve that happiness – create action steps and set due dates on them
  3. Take action



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