Here is the cause of our money problems

money problems

I’m sure this thought goes through just about all of our minds, maybe even on a daily basis, “If I only had X pesos now, I wouldn’t have any money problems. All my problems would be solved.” Well may have you may have had the situation where you were able to raise your income substantially and found out the real truth. More money doesn’t prevent you from having problems. It simply creates new problems. Do you think that those that we perceive to be “rich” don’t have their own problems? Of course they do and often, theirs are larger than ours. The key here isn’t how much money you have, its your attitude towards money in general.

money problems


Most money problems are a mind game

While its true that some people have real issues about finding enough food to eat, having a place to sleep, etc., this article isn’t about them. This article is for everyone else. If someone has a job and finds themselves short of money at the end of the money, not once, but nearly every month, this article is for them. That’s the kind of money problems I am discussing here. Not those who are facing starvation or worse because of genuine lack of money.

When we don’t respect our money, don’t respect what it represents, it causes us to treat it carelessly. Do you notice how sometimes when we have a lot of cash (payday perhaps) that we aren’t so careful with our money? Going out to eat, going shopping, treating ourselves because we deserve it. But at the end of the month, we are struggling to get by and we tell ourselves, I don’t have the budget for that. There is a disconnect in our thinking here. We need to have the same attitude towards money whether we have it or not. Its this attitude that causes our money problems.

Be honest with yourself

The way to solve this for yourself is to be truly honest about what you want in life. What do you really want? Is that new gadget (purse, dress, Playstation game, etc) worth it? Are you trading that instant gratification now for your long term financial independence? Part of this is that we feel like we deserve something after working so hard at our jobs. That may well be true (or not) but the deeper truth is this – if you spend that money now, you won’t have it later. That is less money that you can use to build your wealth, achieve your own financial independence and to be rid of your own money problems.

Decide what you want to achieve in your own life. Then go after it and do it. It really is that simple. yes, you may feel a little deprived for the short term, like you’ve been denying yourself certain pleasures, but the truth is that you are showing respect for your money and yourself. The respect that will pay off huge dividends in the future when you are able to make very different decisions about your money, and that’s a place sadly, that few of us ever get to reach.


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