Saving money… 12 more tips for everyone

saving money

In case you haven’t noticed it, one of the main themes of this blog is saving. So here is another post with 12 more tips to help you save money. Many of these, you can start using immediately to help you achieve your own financial independence. Saving Tip #1 – Consolidate your bills The ultimate Read More

How much money do you waste every day?

don't waste money

This being Good Friday, Ill give you a quick post so you can get back to your family. Earlier this week, while I was at my favorite coffee shop working (no, not Starbucks, I prefer our local company Bo’s Coffee), I noticed something. There was a single peso coin on the sidewalk in front of Read More

Here is the cause of our money problems

money problems

I’m sure this thought goes through just about all of our minds, maybe even on a daily basis, “If I only had X pesos now, I wouldn’t have any money problems. All my problems would be solved.” Well may have you may have had the situation where you were able to raise your income substantially Read More