How to recover from a bad day

It seems to sneak up on you and hit you when you are least ready for it. A bad day. They can happen at any time and the earlier it starts the worse it is. Ever have one of those that starts as soon as you wake up? Those are the worst. But just because Read More

Get out of your comfort zone

comfort zone

Our daily lives move on. Once we get into a routine, inertia takes over and it seems we get into the same thing, over and over. For the lucky few that have formed good habits, a routine produces positive results since they are being performed day after day. But for the vast majority of us, Read More

How your happiness affects your financial situation

your happiness

Happiness is one of those things is very different from person to person. Sure, we can all name things that would make us happy, but true happiness, that is different for each of us. For the orphaned child, having loving parents may be the only thing in this world they desire. For someone in an Read More

If you’re having money problems, first stop the bleeding

money problems

We all face money problems in our lives. The lack of money can be a nuisance or, for others, even life threatening. Its something we all face. However, not many people actually do something about it. If you watch the others in your life, you will notice that most people repeat the same cycle in Read More

Take time to give thanks

giving thanks

As Holy Week arrives and Easter soon will, this is a time for us to stop and count our own blessings and give thanks. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, but certainly this season is very important to Catholics and other Christian faithful. While we should always practice to be thankful for the goodness Read More

Here is the cause of our money problems

money problems

I’m sure this thought goes through just about all of our minds, maybe even on a daily basis, “If I only had X pesos now, I wouldn’t have any money problems. All my problems would be solved.” Well may have you may have had the situation where you were able to raise your income substantially Read More

Success, your surroundings and focus predict yours

success time focus

You are what you eat. Show me the 5 people you spend the most time with and I will show you your future. Maybe you’ve heard these sayings or others like them. The basic concept is that whatever you spend the most time on, or the most time with, will have the greatest influence on Read More

Is your fear of failing keeping you average?

Being average is failing. Our lives can be just about anything we want them to be, but first we have to get over our fear of failing. The fear of failure keeps us all in a life where we don’t reach our potential, don’t excel, don’t reach our goals, or worse yet, don’t even try. Read More