Persistence and overcoming adversity

So you’ve set a goal and you’re working hard every day to achieve. Things seems to be moving along well until…. Sometimes life has other ideas for us. It will show up and knock us off our feet. Push us back several steps. This is where the most important characteristic of success comes in. Persistence Read More

4 reasons your friend won’t repay the loan you gave them

It is a part of just about every relationship in our lives. Sometimes its our friends and sometimes its our family. But at some point, we will all be faced with this very hard choice – should we or should we not loan our friend (or family) money? Here in the Philippines, our culture is Read More

Take your first steps to financial independence today

In many things in life, fear takes over and makes it very hard for us to even take a first step. Or sometimes its just inertia that stops us. Inertia is that force that once something is in motion, its difficult to stop it and get it change directions. Ever felt like that? Have you Read More

5 easy habits the rich use to save money that anyone can do

  Most people think that the rich are rich because the are just lucky or that its God’s will. While its true that some people are born into wealth and many rich people often do get lucky breaks, most people who are rich worked very hard at becoming so. 1 – Have a budget and Read More