Achieve your goals with small victories


Sometimes life can feel like a trap. We graduate high school, either get or job or go to college and then get a job. We have children and get married. Our job becomes unfulfilling. We wake up one day and wonder what happened to the dreams we had when we were younger. When we get trapped into these cycles, it becomes very hard to find and maintain motivation to achieve those goals in life to better ourselves. Achieving any goal isn’t a one time decision, it is a daily choice and mission to find motivation.

We all want to achieve our goals as fast as we can. However often life has other plans and causes us to be delayed in many way. Sometimes these delays are our fault and sometimes its not. The way to succeed despite all of these delays is small victories.

What are small victories?

Small victories are the little things we can achieve on the way to accomplishing our goals that serve to keep us motivated and on mission. For example with weight loss, not eating any candy or drinking any soft drinks for today is a small victory. You may not immediately notice the results, but you can know that you did the right thing and that you are one tiny step closer to your goal. With saving money, perhaps today you didn’t splurge and buy something you didn’t need at the mall today.

Remember that achieving your goals is a series of small steps taken over a period of time. The key is to keep taking those steps consistently. Little by little, centimeter by centimeter, peso by peso. Centimeters add up to meters and meters to kilometers.

Examples of small victories

Weight loss

  • Avoiding unhealthy food for one day
  • Maintaining calorie limits for today
  • Exercising for today
  • Walking your step count for today
  • No soft drinks today
  • Doing an extra set of sit-ups (push-ups, running an extra lap, extra 5 minutes on the treadmill, etc)
  • Buying groceries on full stomach (so you will buy less)

Saving money

  • Not eating outside and taking your lunch instead
  • Taking a jeepny or walking instead of a taxi
  • Not splurging at the mall
  • Skipping a Starbucks for today
  • Paying your bills on time so you don’t pay late fees

One small victory after another leads to goals success

No single item performed on its own will achieve our goals for us. But a series of small ones achieved consistently will lead us directly to success.Te good news is that when you break down your goals into small, daily achievable actions, it becomes much easier to achieve. It also allows for lots of motivation to come our way for each success we achieve.

Remember that tiny, incremental progress forward is still progress.

What are you doing each day to help you reach your goals?

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