15 Things that I used to say about money (and how they kept me broke)

The words we use, especially when we talk to ourselves, have a huge impact on our life. In this post, I thought I would give you some examples of phases I said in the past that negatively impacted my life. Maybe you have heard others say these types of things and you can see the impact its had in their life.

You might be surprised to know that your self talk can impact your money and financial situation.


15 Negative self talk phrases about money

1. I deserve this (I want this) – We use this phrase to justify something we want to buy. We worked hard so we deserve to have it. This type of attitude will keep us broke forever. You deserve to be financially independent and stable. Saving money will help you to achieve that.

2. I can get another loan to pay this one – The cycle of debt continues and we just get deeper and deeper.

3. What is my monthly payment? – Instead of creating a budget and living by it, we try to decide if we can make the minimum payment each month. This is another way to stay broke.

4. Its ok to be late on my payments, I’ll catch up next month – Paying late fees is just giving away your money. Having a budget will keep you from falling behind on

5. Budgets are too restrictive, I want to live – This used to be the way I used to think. I learned later that budgets taught me command my money where to go, not to wonder where it went.

6. Its just 50 pesos lang, whats the problem? – No, 50 pesos once isn’t bad, but its never just once. Its over and over and those 50 pesos add up to hundreds and then thousands. We need to track the small purchases just as much as the big ones.

7. I’ll worry about my retirement when its time to retire – This is why so many people live in poverty in their final days. Or they are waiting on their children to save them. They didn’t plan for it themselves. Your retirement is your responsibility, not your children.

8. Got my salary, time to go shopping – Just because we have our money doesn’t mean we can go spend it. We have obligations that we have to take care of first. And this type of attitude will only serve to keep us poor.

9. I lost my password to online banking – Is it because you don’t use your online banking enough to remember it? Online banking is such a valuable tool in taking control of your finances.

10. Jeepneys are so hot, I’ll take a taxi – of course I am not saying to never take a taxi. I am saying that to save money, you need to limit how often you do it. A little suffering in the heat now will help you save more for later.

11. What’s wrong with being in debt? – Most Filipino think that being in debt is just the way of life. It doesn’t have to be and to be financially stable, we have to learn to manage our money better.

12. Let’s go to Jollibee (McDonalds, Chow King, Starbucks, etc) – again not saying eating at any of these places is bad. Its all about frequency. But for me, I was always eating outside instead of saving money and my finances got hit hard because of it.

13. Where does all of my money go? – Not knowing where our money goes is one of the worst things we can do to ourselves. Budgets and keeping track of our bank account are both absolutely necessary to controlling our finances, rather than them controlling us.

14. I track everything in my head (expenses, income, etc) – I was very bad about this myself. But the truth is, and this may hurt a little, you can’t do it. No one can. You can keep track of everything and this is a sure way to stay in debt. Use your online banking and a program like Mint or Level Money.

15. You only live once (YOLO) – This is an excuse we use to justify our actions. We use it cover many types of actions in our lives. From things we purchase to things that we do. Regardless, its just a justification.


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